Poseidon Prosclystius

Poseidon Prosclystius
you often seem quite mischievous.
To dash against my edifice
does sometimes puzzle me.

I know you as a patient god
who tolerates this mortal clod
to live a life crude and unshod
and largely pleased to be.

But against things you do dash!
Your nature is to bash
and of mine make mere hash
and wash into the sea.

I accept that you will flood —
turn my castles into mud —
but must you giggle as they thud,
ensconced in divine glee?

Be they made of steel or tin
you wear my guards quite thin
and, inviting yourself in,
you might as well make tea.

Wipe your feet.


4 thoughts on “Poseidon Prosclystius

  1. Ooh, oh!! This is great! (Yes, I know I sound like a cheerleader at this point — do I have anything else to say other than YAY!!? Probably not). It’s a tad bit flippant, maybe frustrated a bit too. This, heh, sums up so many head-butting instances I’ve had with Him, moments of frustration and just, “Really? *Really*? That’s how it’s gotta be? But I worked so hard at X, and why didn’t you just *say something* before hand . .. .grr.”

    So . . . you seem to be doing more than you anticipated, with these? Hee.


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