Poseidon Laoitês

I lift my voice to Poseidon Laoitês, god of the people!

Great lord, this land no longer rings
with your praises and your hymns
so loud to rival Ocean’s roar
when festivals are at your door.

But still, we are your people.

Sacred temples have been razed —
the thought of which provokes rage –yet some of us, yet unfazed
honor you this day, this age.

For indeed, we are your people.

The offerings we make are few in weight
and frequency, but not in depth!
The spirit of our pact is kept,
in love and awe, rejecting hate.

Now and forever, we are  your people.

All people are your people
as all oceans are your ocean.
Let we who know, Laoitês,
bring your blessings to all our kind.

Never forget that we are your people.


One thought on “Poseidon Laoitês

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