Poseidon Taureos

I write this hymn as offering to the vital bull
Poseidon Taureos, strength of the sea.
Ever have mighty bulls been sacred to you
O rager against rocks.

You who sent the Tauros Kretaios
to ensure mere mortals could provide
sacrifice befitting a king.
So glorious was that creature of your design
that it did not fall under the knife
and from the mischief born that day
did greatness befall heroes.

You who provide the green and rolling places,
the safe harbors where sacred bulls may graze,
deserve all glory and offerings.
The bull is strength to aid in labor.
The bull is sustenance to aid in growth.
The bull is seed delivered.
The bull is the market’s surge.

All who feast upon the meat
or profit from the sale
or leverage the strength
or dance between the horns
or flee the trampling hoof
or seek freedom ‘pon its back
owe you a debt Zeus himself cannot forgive.

3 thoughts on “Poseidon Taureos

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