Poseidon Basileus

To call a god a king
is no trifling thing:
every simple fool
sees that all gods rule.

Poseidon, great Basileus,
to mortal eyes, the glorious,
strong consort to sweet Amphitrite,
does homage from good gods invite.

Nymphs of sea and river
on his passing know a shiver.
They are touched by salty brine
sweeter than human wine.

Spirits of the unseen places
dare to show their secret faces
as they offer heartfelt votives
to display their holy motives.

Gods of rivers, streams, and creeks
bring headwaters to their peak
to pour them upon the ocean
as an offering of motion.

Born to rule this rocky sphere
and nurture it throughout the year.
Basileus, roaring father,
may all that is, pay you honor.


4 thoughts on “Poseidon Basileus

  1. So . . . if there is one particular facet of dear Poseidon’s existence that I continually, willfully, stubbornly shove my head into the sand over, it’s this one. To the point where He has sometimes gone so far as to point out things like, “Oh, oh, what’s that around my head in that image? Oh, is that . . . is that a crown? Oh, do they see me as a king of sorts?” And it’s good natured and teasing, because Poseidon is kind and compassionate and there are few things that I have that head into sand reaction over.

    Though lately He’s gotten more insistent about my recognizing this, both that it’s a thing I do, and that i need to get the hell over it already. So, I guess . . . thanks for this? *grumble*


    • I am with you there. I feel like he has been asking me, “Watcha gonna do with this one?” He knows I can’t write what I don’t feel, but I can write something to understand how to feel it.


      • He knows I can’t write what I don’t feel, but I can write something to understand how to feel it.

        Ah, being a writer.

        And, you know, I have to agree that He seems to know quite well how these writerly brains work, and how the brains interact with the psyche . . . Clever god, Him.

        I lose sight, often, of the depth of Him. The places where He overlaps with Odin — the cunning, the darkness, the complexity. Odin is such an attention grabber, and it’s incredibly . . . interesting living with these Two. Poseidon is, has always been . . . safe. Odin came in much later in my life, and He’s had to be rough at times. And, I think Poseidon enjoys getting to be the “safe” one, honestly — we’ve known each other since I was a wee lass, right? — but I discount too much of His complexity too often.

        (Of course He says, no, no value judgment on what’s come before now, just, you know, appreciate the complexity more, maybe . . . )

        I am really, really grateful to you, for sharing these with us. I don’t even have the words to begin to explain it. And that’s very me-centric, and I know you are not doing this for me, obviously. But, I can only express how this project is doing so much for me (and hopefully for others) and, thus, express my gratitude. Again.

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