Poseidon Epaktaios

Neither land nor sea does the coastline be;
and the god who dwells within is swathed in mystery.

Hail, Poseidon Epaktaios!
Keeper of the coast,
holder of the boundary
‘tween realms of life.

What secrets are beheld
where wet and dry now meld?
What life therein resides,
that can nowhere else abide?

Let us walk upon your coastline
feeling salt and sand and sky,
in this place of holy power
shall the oaths we swear us tie.

To cross the line of shore
is a simple act, one step;
to travel in a foreign place
quite beyond our depth.

No life can leave the mighty sea
or plunge within from land
and not risk ending all they know
by gasping, gulping end.

Yet that very step, once made,
gave living voice to rocky land.
So too did some again return:
whales and dolphins, the currents turn.

More clearly than the forge’s heat
does temper steel to strength,
than does the soft coast life transform
across its breadth and length.

Keeper of coastlines,
transformer of all!
Mold me, Epaktaios;
already in your thrall.

4 thoughts on “Poseidon Epaktaios

  1. This, oh, so very much this one. (yes, okay, all of them!) but . .. I’ve never heard this epithet before, and it’s giving me all the chills. Gonna go sit in the corner and drink my tea and just . . . thank you.


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