Poseidon Pelagaeus

I sing to Poseidon, god of the sea:
called Pelagaeus by his temple-builders,
keeper of the vital oceans,
the place of beginnings and endings.
Sailors and pirates pray for safe passage
using your name, and those on land
ask your blessing that those who leave
shall soon return.

Chosen by lot to rule the sea,
you clove to that realm and embraced destiny.
In fury and in calm the oceans obey
every mood, wish, and epiphany.
The terrible power to flood all the land
and a bountiful food source are at your command.
Source of all weather, cradle of life,
commanding forces of fortune and strife.

Without any offerings, you still did endure
when we fickle mortals showed you the door.
You were long before, long after you shall be,
independent of mortal memory.
To lift up my voice and again give you praise
and upon an altar offerings raise
is an honor and mantle I gladly accept:
ensuring your fires are sacredly kept.


2 thoughts on “Poseidon Pelagaeus

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