Poseidon Hudsonios

Of all the places Poseidon touches
by current, by surf, by rhythm of tide,
none so clearly he holds as the river called Hudson
from its mountainous sources to its bay, deep and wide.

Named Hudson by English, North by the Dutch,
and “drowned” by scholars eschewing gestalt,
Poseidon is wed to this river’s great spirit
as known by the far-flung presence of salt.

No other river so thoroughly knows
the touch of the ocean upon its twin shores.
With a flick of his trident in the deep of the sea
Poseidon bids, “Retreat now from me.”

River and ocean, one and the same
unlike other unions that are beheld.
No subsuming this spirit, absorbing its name —
rather a union, as gods choose to meld.


9 thoughts on “Poseidon Hudsonios

  1. Oh, oh!!! I’ve never seen the Hudson — someday, someday! — but it’s such an amazing river! I can’t express how much I love this (and not the least because of the name! It makes me feel less awful about my Poseidon Salisburios!)


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  3. “The Lenape called the Hudson River Shatemuc, meaning ‘the river that flows both ways’, because the river alternates its flow from north to south along with the Atlantic tides,” (“Manahatta to Manhattan: Native Americans in Lower Manhattan,” Nat’l Museum of the American Indian, 2010).

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