Poseidon Labrandeus

So too must I acknowledge Poseidon Labrandeus:
layer of waste, fount of fury,
bringer of flood and shaker of the earth.

Labrandeus Poseidon who brought Polybotes low
and cast rocky Kos upon his brow.
Summoner of Ketos to bring destruction
and teach that hubris serves no function.

The centaurs and Trojans knew his wrath
as did petulant Minos, to the last.
Odysseus, breaker of the sacred pact
of xenia found a good life lacked.

Furious, raging, angry, dark:
from loving father, a difference stark.
When in such mood Poseidon sits
lessons lie within his fits.

Traveler, be now aware
that Poseidon does not live to scare.
If fury from his brow you see
it’s you, not him:  too late to flee.

But if honor you do wish to give
and in his mighty shadow live,
heed well the ancient etiquette
to give as good as you do get.


3 thoughts on “Poseidon Labrandeus

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  2. You find the most amazing images. (Also, there are so many more available than there were even ten years ago. This pleases me immensely.) This whole thing is beautiful, and touching. Thank you, once again, for sharing with us.


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