Poseidon Nymphagetes

By the trident of Poseidon
struck upon the rocky froth
does a pure and bubbling spring
now dance and issue forth!

Lord of nymphs of springs
they arise at your command
and issuing bubbling cataracts
upon the thirsty land.

The briny ocean’s salt
does not touch these spirits fair;
for this god of cooling springs
bids them let down their hair.

The spirits dance
the fountains sing
the nymphs will dance
and praise their king.

4 thoughts on “Poseidon Nymphagetes

  1. So, I know you said the one for tomorrow might help with the next bit of story but this? This just unlocked a story, fully formed and ready to be written. Thank you for that.

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  3. I love how your hymns show what each Avatar of Poseidon does. It’s educational to me. Poseidon is my main God and yet I have not Learned enough about him. I am trying to study as much as possible.


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