With apologies to my sources

A large number of people told me what they think of the Percy Jackson books, and when I wrote my article I didn’t use almost any of it.  I found myself fascinated by the kids’ perspective, which is so often minimized in every situation, and made it all about them.  In fact, I wish I’d been able to find more kids to talk to.

For what it’s worth, despite there being a couple of really angry posts about these books, I found fewer sincerely negative critiques by adults than I found children to interview.  Most of the blog posts I located talked about how “lots of people dislike” these books, and then gave mostly favorable reviews.  The people I interviewed were mostly the same:  they would dislike one aspect or another, such as the depiction of a particular deity (Dionysos and Persephone, most frequently), or dissatisfaction with liberties the author took with one or another well-known myth, but that’s it.  And in my interviews, no one brought up the impact of these books on neurotypical people, or the completely dismissive way that Rick Riordan treats worship of the gods (which are certainly legitimate concerns), but I attribute that lack to ignorance about those issues among the people I spoke with.

But there’s a whole new Norse series starting soon, so these questions will surely surface again.

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