A naked plea for your help

Many Gods West is not a conference I will be attending.
Dionysos is not a god to whom I pay much cult.
I’ve already given more than I probably can afford for this effort, because I want to see it succeed.
It is time to shore up our community.
Your trickle of a few cents, a few dollars, is all that is needed.
If you have more to give, there are some amazing perqs.
At a bare minimum, please reblog this, right now.
Contribute a dollar even if you don’t have it to spare, because when one’s last dollar is given away, magic happens.
The least offering can and will yield the greatest rewards.
Do not leave this screen without taking action.
Thank you.


2 thoughts on “A naked plea for your help

  1. Thank you, man. I really appreciate your help through this, and especially bringing the cause to Pandora’s Kharis, whose generous contribution made a huge difference. As important as the ritual itself is – and doing stuff for our gods is important – the way people are coming together and pitching in is going to have long-lasting ramifications. That is how we create sustainable community – by working together.

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