Ducks in a row

Rubber duckies are my friend.


In my latest Kickstarter campaign update, I delve into the mystery of the ducks, and why I am asking a Ben Franklin of people who want a little rubber one lubed with some oil.

Drink in the thoughts I share, and by all means, consider helping me illustrate my Poseidon devotional — reward levels start at just one dollar, after all.

While I have received some feedback suggesting that my own illustration style is awesome, this is about much more than me.  It’s about Poseidon, a mighty god who deserves to recapture some of the honor given him in antiquity.  It’s also about putting artists to work.  If you know someone who is incredibly talented but still has to flip burgers or sell lottery tickets to put food on the table, this campaign is for them.

The gods and job creation.  What better reasons to contribute could you possibly have than those?


One thought on “Ducks in a row

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