This guy

  Pictured handing weapons and helms to a mother and son, he was quite an interesting part of a local demo on Greco-Roman life.  I particularly like how he explained the collection of sweat from virile men to use as medicine, and then compared it to blood transfusions instead of mocking their primitive ways.  

The worst we do

In fifth grade, my teacher told the class about drugs.  I remember very little of the lessons, except for one line which I remember to this day”

Your body screams out for heroin.

This is how Mr Russo explained addiction.  I took it to heart, and I have never tried the stuff.  For many years, I thought it was a problem of the third world, or the past, but it’s not any longer.  Heroin, and all other opiates, are running roughshod over countless people, because we are simply not cut out to resist it, once we try it even once.

To that end, I offer this prayer.

“I’d rather Poseidon stay in the ocean.”

I visited a group dedicated to the Green Man to talk about Poseidon.  “Did you know that Poseidon has a Green Man aspect?” I asked, eager to share my enthusiasm for that theme.  I was devoted to the Green Man for many years, and was absolutely floored to discover that maybe I wasn’t worshiping an archetype or force of nature as I thought; it could have been Poseidon in the forest all along.

The only reply I got was from a member who said something like the title of this post.  “There’s so much need to clean up the oceans,” he explained, that he’d “rather Poseidon stay there.”

While I appreciate that there’s a lot of ugly in the world that needs fixing, I hardly think it’s up to us to tell the gods where they ought to focus their attentions.  Or what they should have influence over.  If I were a more hotheaded polytheist, I might have likened such comments to hubris, but I really do understand the spirit in which they were made.  However, I do not agree, not even a little bit.

Since I’m writing about Poseidon’s life beyond the ocean, check out my latest update, in which I talk about the cthonic Poseidon.

From the Roaring Deep

I am honored to have my work in the esteemed company of the contributions which make up From the Roaring Deep.  Buy this book if:

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Final push for an illustrated Poseidon


That’s right, I’m bringing out the cats.

Raising money is not the money work I am best at, so as I move into the final days of my push to illustrate my Poseidon devotional, I understand I need to both step up my efforts and get more help from those readers I’ve already got.

  • Contributing just a dollar will get your name added to my morning devotions to my patron.
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Each and every time each of us supports the work of others to support the gods, we amplify the message that these are gods worthy of honor and glory, who are still worshiped today, and who save and transform lives.  Be the change you wish to see in the world.