From the Roaring Deep

I am honored to have my work in the esteemed company of the contributions which make up From the Roaring Deep.  Buy this book if:

  • you want a taste of my work, or
  • you want to be blown away by the really smart people whose work shares these pages with mine, or
  • you think Poseidon rocks, or
  • you want to support Hellenic polytheism.

If you’re in a spending mood, please also help me publish my own Poseidon devotional, which includes nearly seven times more of my hymns than can be read here.

3 thoughts on “From the Roaring Deep

  1. How much money are you looking to make for this brother?

    Also! I mentioned you in a comment to this article.

    It’s a good blog I think you’ll love it. It’s about the magic and culture of of the Hill Folks in the Ozarks. They usually use ‘witch’ in a negative connotation and healer for a good witch. So watch out for that. Don’t be offended.


    • Don’t worry about the usage of witch; I’m not one so I don’t like to speak for them.

      Money is a good question. I’m delighted that I met my modest Kickstarter goal, but it might be woefully inadequate for any decent artistry. My problem is that I find it ethically questionable for someone to ask me what my budget is before they name a price.


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