Who sounds like The New Right now?

The Sovereign of Swords

I’ve been very uncertain about writing this. Last night, I gave this article on Gods&Radicals a read after I saw it on my feed and, to be honest, it’s really bottomed me out. I kept reading the article, over and over, to make sure that I was reading exactly what I was reading. And something in me truly embittered, because I was reading things that weren’t true – and some things that were true were twisted in a way that made it something radical to war against. This was a struggle for me to write, and I feel that it doesn’t back the titanium-hardness that my writing usually does, so I apologize that it’s terribly written.

Rhyd Wildermuth has notified publicly that he was the writer of this piece, and of course the article does represent Gods&Radicals as a whole. I think that he will be writing a follow-up piece…

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Polytheist Isn’t Greek for “Reactionary”


The Lefthander's Path

We are the Queens and Kings of the Polytheists- a word we act like we invented and have redefined for our purposes

Those silly Pagans only wanted to play- But rest assured, we’re here to Do the Work!

Surely those impious Humanists will soon be struck down by Zeus,

Who needs rights or human dignity? I’m a God-slave!

Born to serve a Higher Purpose, above those mere mortal fools!

Their hubris is not my own.

Silly feminists, getting upset over rapes in myths. Go back to college and take my class if you’re *really* serious!

We must smash the Monotheist Borg! So come join the Polytheist one instead!

Smash capitalism! I already have my Properly Spiritual artsy/academic/activist career. Have you given in to mainstream corporate fear? I’m a full-time mystic in the woods looking down at your plebeian ways. Care for an oracle reading? I’m only a vessel for the…

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