Who sounds like The New Right now?

The Sovereign of Swords

I’ve been very uncertain about writing this. Last night, I gave this article on Gods&Radicals a read after I saw it on my feed and, to be honest, it’s really bottomed me out. I kept reading the article, over and over, to make sure that I was reading exactly what I was reading. And something in me truly embittered, because I was reading things that weren’t true – and some things that were true were twisted in a way that made it something radical to war against. This was a struggle for me to write, and I feel that it doesn’t back the titanium-hardness that my writing usually does, so I apologize that it’s terribly written.

Rhyd Wildermuth has notified publicly that he was the writer of this piece, and of course the article does represent Gods&Radicals as a whole. I think that he will be writing a follow-up piece…

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3 thoughts on “Who sounds like The New Right now?

  1. Hey there — that original article stimulated me to put up a Pagan blog. Even though I really shouldn’t take the time right now. Some preliminary thoughts there — what a load of whatsits!!! –Jehana.


    • I’d be happy to follow you. My own opinion is best reflected in what I reblogged here: I understand what was meant, but I don’t think it was the best way to present it.


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