My personal practice: the beginning

Getting started as a devotional polytheist can be tough, because there’s a lot to learn and there seem to be some landmines, too.  “No, you’re doing it wrong!” is something no one wants to hear.  There’s also the problem of trying to dip one’s toe in while having no one but Olympic swimmers as role models.  Sure, they may be doing things right, but do we all need to be uber-worshippers or just go home?


My personal practice might seem overwhelming to some people, but I know it pales in comparison to what others do.  That’s okay, but nothing makes that point clearer than sharing what my practice looked like six years ago, and then in future posts, if I’m so inclined, to talk about what I built on from there, and why.

Home Hermes shrine

Home Hermes shrine

I was introduced to Hellenic polytheism by Ares, but Hermes was the first of the gods that I tried to honor in the Hellenic style.  There was a need, I asked for assistance, and in turn, I promised to make three types of offering every third day for a month:

      1. I burned some frankincense,
      2. read a prayer written by Hearthstone (I’d link to the exact one, but the site’s built with frames so I can only link to the home page), and
      3. I poured a libation of grape juice because I didn’t like the taste of wine and didn’t have any in the house, and figured it was close enough.

It was close enough.  I fulfilled that vow by doing this for the stretch of a calendar month, never even bothering to notice the phase of the moon.  When I was done, I just stopped.

It was a pain keeping track of every third day, but I agreed to it so I wrote it down and made sure I followed through.  The end.

How’s that for a start?


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