What I learned from the hilasmós of Athene

  1. Dionysos hates owls.
  2. Athene ritual doll

    Doll for the drowned dead

    Galina Krasskova takes honoring the dead very, very seriously.

  3. I haven’t the slightest clue how to pronounce “theoi.”
  4. Athene is a protector of the dead.
  5. Markos Gage should have been there.
  6. All the Hellenic gods seem to have a chthonic aspect, which makes ancestor veneration all the more important.
  7. A Litany for the Many Dead is even more profound when someone else reads it aloud.
  8. The complicated-sounding doll design isn’t always as hard as it seems.
  9. The number nine always seems to crop up when there’s a Heathen in the room.

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