Support community journalism

Friends, Romans, co-religionists, lend me your eyes.  It is my intention to extol the virtues of The Wild Hunt, its importance to our collected communities, and urge you to action.


It is my honor to be part of the oldest and most respected Pagan news agency out there.  The Wild Hunt is a labor of love brought into being through the efforts of the incomparable Jason Pitzl-Waters, and built upon by those of us who have taken up his mantle in the years since he stepped away from the project.  Being part of this work is fulfillment of a dream of mine, a dream that I believe is critical to the futures of all Pagans, polytheists, and followers of similar minority religions.

Community journalism serves to ensure that there is at least one news site where the writers are covering stories that are not only important to us, but covering them in a thoughtful manner.  A subject for a recent article I wrote about tarot apps had been interviewed by a reporter for a mainstream outlet earlier; that journalist didn’t even know what tarot is.  The Wild Hunt fulfills, first and foremost, a promise that the reporter is at least familiar with the concerns and terminology which are important within our overlapping communities.

This kind of reporting isn’t free.

I love writing for The Wild Hunt.  I love it so much that I am willing to get paid less per article than I earn with other, similar work elsewhere.  The mission is that important to me.  However, if I didn’t get paid at all, I probably would need to spend that time each week developing other streams of income, because the bills have to get paid.  Not only does paying people attract more talented people, it also is a testament to the power of our communities.  The ability to pay writers comes from contributions to our annual fall fund drive; the generosity of you, dear reader.

There are criticisms of the work we do, and I welcome them.  Tell me if you think I missed an important source, or my reporting felt biased, or if there is a story brewing in your neck of the woods that deserves some attention.  Think we have too many columnists, or too few?  Don’t like the time of day that we publish, or the color of the logo?  Please, let us know!

I have grown as a Pagan and a journalist since I began writing for The Wild Hunt, and this past year as assistant editor has helped me to glimpse the big picture all the better.  Journalism, enshrined as a free press, is one of the distinct rights guaranteed under the Bill of Rights in the USA, in the same amendment that protects our right to worship as we will.  These rights are protected in other lands as well, but in the United States they are given equal weight.  Using this one freedom to protect another is a sacred duty for me.

Help us continue to shine a spotlight on the doings within our communities, and the pressures exerted on their members by the overculture.  Donate today.  Any amount is fine by me.  In fact, if every one of our Facebook fans donated 31 cents, we will have hit our goal, which means we can:

  • hire more news reporters to cover a growing number of daily stories,
  • expand the representation of diverse voices in our columns, and
  • reach out to more people on the ground at Pagan events.

Many, many Pagans and polytheists freak out when they realize they are talking to a reporter, and with good reason!  Most reporters coming into our communities do not have enough basic knowledge to even know what questions to ask.  Our reporters, our columnists are part of these communities.  We are much more qualified to provide accurate reporting than that person from USA Today that just called you for comment because you’re a witch and it’s October.  That’s a lot less of a learning curve we have to master, and the only reason we can continue asking the right questions is because you are supporting this important work.

Be the change you want to see in the world.  Support The Wild Hunt.  Donate, in any amount.  Share this post, or the campaign link, to increase how many people know about the need.  Read our stories, and (dare I suggest it), comment on them.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting this work.


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