Fun with the ancestors

I walked past my ancestor shrine earlier this afternoon, and noticed that some of the objects had been rearranged.  The silver napkin ring in the center had last been seen on the left edge of the table, encircling the three coins I use for divination.  Those coins are now in a straight line, and from the edge they display tails-tails-heads.


Yes, cats do walk here, and drink the water left as an offering.  It’s a good relationship; the cats remind me of my practice.  I’m fairly certain they had a paw in this.

The black iron knife on the right side of the image was forged and owned by a Witch friend of mine who recently passed.  I’ve been moving the knife closer in with the other objects day by day.  The reason I’m being gradual is because she represents an entire community of the dead that I have come to serve.  That community is comprised entirely of Pagans who have died in my lifetime, although I did not know them all personally, and I suspect that they are now livening up my ancestor work.

It is not my practice to put pictures of my ancestors on the shrine.  They are instead represented by objects.  The black mirror is to allow me to look into their eyes through my own.

I’d use the coins for divination to ask about this, but there they sit, tails-tails-heads, apparently in response to a question already asked.  That response suggests that they mostly feel the answer to the question is in the negative.  Sure would be nice to know what the question was.


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