Music review: Sing the Sun’s Return

It being “giving Tuesday,” I wish to give something back to the merry Heathens who have brightened the hours of darkness in my home by producing a glorious collection of Yuletide music, Sing the Sun’s Return.


Because I participated in the Kickstarter last year, I got the associated Yule song book at the same time, but that’s now sold separately.  The book has both music and words to many a song, from wassails and feasting songs to those that honor the gods of the dark times, including one that still rebounds inside my skull, an original piece called One for Old One-Eye.  Anyone with a penchant for making their own music would be pleased to have this slender volume.

For listening, though, the book is not needed.  Sing the Sun’s Return captures the sweet beauty of the Rowans’ voices as they play against each other through counterpoint and close harmony, the sort that gets this writer’s heart to skip a beat in excitement.  To make for a fuller sound, they are joined by other members of Chase Hill Folk (a Heathen spiritual community), Trevor Wentworth and Wolfhame Katrick.  Wentworth also contributed lyrics in several cases.

If you crave a certain kind of music at this time of year, but only tolerate the Christian themes that such music often carries upon its back, please do buy Songs for the Sun’s Return.  You will not be sorry.

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