Be kind

There are many reasons to be angry:

  • those people who aren’t taking this pandemic seriously enough
  • those people who are taking this pandemic too seriously
  • those people you live with whose habits are becoming more irritating every day
  • those people online who are too stupid to live
  • those people who are making terrible decisions about how to manage this crisis
  • those people who are blocking brilliant leadership
  • those people who kept having babies
  • those people who tried eating bats
  • those people who are politicizing everything
  • those people who aren’t willing to just die already
  • those selfish people
  • those greedy people
  • those scared people
  • those people

It matters not what other people believe.  It matters not what you believe.  Be kind today.  There will always be another chance not to be kind, but today, be kind.

One thought on “Be kind

  1. Fun Fact: While the virus originated in bats, experts believe it infected humans by way of products derived from snakes or pangolins (both of which are products popular in China).

    I know that doesn’t make much of a difference but it’s interesting


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