New book release: Hymn to the Many Gods

I am thrilled to announce the publication of Hymns to the Many Gods, my newest devotional book.

I give this work in offering
to the many gods.
You, who are rightly worshiped
by my people and others,
and may delight in this offering.

This is a book that is centered not on specific gods, but on the many gods that one may encounter, be touched by, worship, pray to, beseech, entreat, fear, or love. I do not know the names of the many gods, and I did not seek to know all of their names as I wrote the core text. With one stanza per page, the reader is invited instead to explore the many gods through the ways that they relate to humans.

Hymns to the Many Gods also includes another hymn, written instead as a reflection of personal practice. Where the main hymn is an invitation into a different way to honor the gods known and unknown, this introductory hymn is instead an example of how one might compose a personal litany.

It is my honor and pleasure to bring this work into the world.

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