NYC is Good for Something!

However, as of December 1st, new legislation will require New Yorkers to recycle rechargeable batteries. Mayor Bloomberg has, in the past, lifted recycling requirements for all manner of items including DVDs, and proposed a disposable EZ Pass so people who think that their government actually gives a damn where they go will be willing toContinue reading “NYC is Good for Something!”

Pagan Views of AIDS

“In the ghoulish second story, Denys (Shawn Ashmore), a Canadian pornography actor, conceals his H.I.V.-positive status from his producers by substituting blood drawn from his dying father for his own in required tests. When his mother, Olive (Stockard Channing), a hard-bitten waitress from whom Denys has concealed his occupation, discovers what he does, she concoctsContinue reading “Pagan Views of AIDS”