Depth of Praise

Depth_of_Praise_Cover_for_KindleDepth of Praise is a compilation of hymns to Poseidon, written by me upon instruction of Poseidon, and published as an offering to Poseidon.

To enrich and expand this volume, I asked the community to fund illustrations, and thus in addition to the art of Grace Palmer gracing the cover, five more illustrations of Poseidon by Richard Goulart are within its pages.

To purchase Depth of Praise, visit its CreateSpace page.  If it’s more convenient to buy via Amazon, go hereAutographed copies are available through The Pagan Waystation.  I will also be sure to keep some copies handy when I travel, since one never knows when might encounter a reader seeking a signed copy.

Depth of Praise is a compilation of more than fifty hymns, prayers, and poems for Poseidon, organized by the many epithets he has been given, including:

Domatites, Xenios, Asphaleios, Erechtheus, Hippios, Soter, Pater, Petraios, Ennosigaios, Glacius, Epoptes, Prosclystius, Laoitês, Hippokourios, Taureos, Basileus, Epaktaios, Phytalmius, Gaiêokhos, Khthonios, Genethlios, Pelagaeus, Katharsios, Hudsonios, Eirḗnē, Dêlios, Nymphagetes, Mousêgetês, Helikonios, Isthmios, Labrandeus, Skotitas, Plousios, Agoraios, and Psychopompos.

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