Is a Pagan Filter Like an Oil Filter?

The idea of this “filter” is that the world is filtered through my perceptions, and I’m a Pagan, so the worldview that is expressed here is going to be a Pagan one. But what on Earth does that mean? If I were Christian you probably could get a general idea of my beliefs from thatContinue reading “Is a Pagan Filter Like an Oil Filter?”

Congress Can’t Have It Both Ways

What you put out into the world, comes back to you three times. Congress has made it clear that it wants to put the brakes on the “war” in Iraq by stipulating a troop withdrawal deadline in the current funding bill. With the Democrats holding the majority, they are now attempting to undercut the President’sContinue reading “Congress Can’t Have It Both Ways”

New art, new trends

Global art prices grew 27% in 2006. That is an incredible figure, especially when you consider how quickly they have grown in preceding years (2005: 10.4%, 2004: 19%). That simple phrase took me down a path of memories through my own experiences in the world of art. Now I’ve never had the pleasure of beingContinue reading “New art, new trends”