The Secret to Population Control

The human population growth rate has always been of concern to me. Through compassion and innovation we have cut the death rate drastically without doing anything to reduce the number of babies we create. The amount of humans that this planet can support is probably tremendous, but we won’t be able to reach that maximumContinue reading “The Secret to Population Control”

Economy that Mimics Nature

Supply and demand are much like natural laws, and a balance must be struck when we tinker with them. Government procurement policies can be used to dramatically boost recycling. For example, the Clinton administration issued an Executive Order in 1993 requiring that all government-purchased paper contain 20 percent or more post-consumer waste by 1995 (increasingContinue reading “Economy that Mimics Nature”

Fear, Justice, or Cheapness?

My father tried to teach me well, explaining that every doorman, porter, cabbie, waitress, and mail carrier deserved a tip for their services and that the bulk of their earnings depended on tips–a precarious situation since one’s paycheck is thus determined by the often inconsistent kindness of patrons. I continually wrestle with tipping. Emotionally IContinue reading “Fear, Justice, or Cheapness?”