Christmas Carols are Better

Bear in mind that holiday traditions, and even religious songs are often borrowed from older/other religions. Before someone reading this takes offense, bear in mind that many aspects of Christmas festivity where first borrowed from the pagans. I can’t see any good reason for someone to take offense at “paganizing” Christmas carols. Of course, afterContinue reading “Christmas Carols are Better”

Short Term Solutions to a Long Term Problem

The wife exclaims: “Don’t you think that whether or not we are 100% sure that your urine has affected my side of the bed that it would behoove you to cease despoiling our honeymoon bed?” Quoth the husband: “Well it would be extradorinarily inconvenient for me to leave this comfortable and warm (increasingly warm) bedContinue reading “Short Term Solutions to a Long Term Problem”

Marriage By Any Other Name

Marriage in America is indeed a contract — a contract that comes with more obligations than rights. Marriage in America is a civil right that is not now and has never been in the past dependent upon any one religion or even religion in general for its justification, existence, or perpetuation. Marriage exists because peopleContinue reading “Marriage By Any Other Name”