Acquainting with Artemis

I’ve become a bit of a deer hunter in recent year, if by “deer hunter” you mean “person who kills deer that leap in front of his vehicle.”  Or maybe my car has a thirst for Cervidae blood, and exudes pheromones that lure them in.  Although I have never been injured, it’s a painful experience,Continue reading “Acquainting with Artemis”

Yes, no, maybe so?

So I find myself with a bit of a divination dilemma.  I’ve been dutifully practicing coin divination, and to make sure that I’m actually paying attention to meanings rather than assigning significance after the fact, I’m thus far being very careful to do so in a manner that I can test and verify.  Silly me,Continue reading “Yes, no, maybe so?”

Vacillating on a public Pagan life

One of the most important things I think any Pagan can do to further the aims of the Pagan community is to publicly acknowledge our religion.  That’s a hard pill to swallow, for a lot of very good reasons, and it’s not something I have even been consistent about myself. As I see it, theContinue reading “Vacillating on a public Pagan life”