For those not “in the know,” noumenia is the first day of the lunar month of the Hellenic calendar.  For more information on ancient and modern practices, there are many bona-fide experts; all I plan on writing about is my experiences leading up to and during my most recent celebration of this day. First, aContinue reading “Noumenia”


Recognize fortune (Τυχην νομιζε)Be fond of fortune (Τυχην στεργε) Luck.  Chance.  Fortune.  Hellenic thought has a lot to say about the concept, such as the two Delphic maxims quoted above. Recognize fortune is not so easy, at least before it’s past.  That moment is governed by the two swiftest beings in the pantheon, Hermes Eriounios (luck-bringer) andContinue reading “Luck”