30 days of devotion: advice for seekers of Caffeina

Any suggestions for others just starting to learn about this deity? Start with milk and sugar.  My dearly departed father often said that he never enjoyed coffee until he stopped using those ingredients, but few of use are able to start without them. There is a balance in the world, and in your body.  EveryContinue reading “30 days of devotion: advice for seekers of Caffeina”

30 days of devotion: UPGs about Caffeina

That’s “unverified personal gnosis” for all of you folks who loathe initialisms and other lazy abbreviations as much as I do.  I only use it for Google’s sake. I’ve already touched on the most significant revelation that I’ve had about Caffeina, that it’s perfectly acceptable to worship her as Hestia Caffeina in keeping with HellenicContinue reading “30 days of devotion: UPGs about Caffeina”

30 days of devotion: my changing relationship with Caffeina

The biggest change in my worship of Caffeina is that I now do so in a Hellenic manner, pouring libations to her on a regular basis, when previously my practice was less frequently overt. Caffeina as interpreted in a business logo Not to say that there wasn’t a robust relationship there already:  I occasionally performedContinue reading “30 days of devotion: my changing relationship with Caffeina”