30 days of devotion: when Caffeina has not helped

Caffeina is a goddess of the waking world, and she certainly does help manipulate our time in that realm, but slumber is also part of that balance.  Some nights — afternoons, even — I’ll take a sip of coffee and my very spirit will recoil from it.  Given that physical symptoms such as heartburn andContinue reading “30 days of devotion: when Caffeina has not helped”

30 days of devotion: my own writing for Caffeina

Your own composition – a piece of writing about or for this deity I think this article on Caffeina counts, as does this Caffeina e-shrine, although if I weren’t in danger of falling behind with this project I’d come up with something new.  Caffeina is often funny, but she’s no joke to me. This postContinue reading “30 days of devotion: my own writing for Caffeina”

30 days of devotion: Caffeina and poetry

A quote, a poem, or piece of writing that you think this deity resonates strongly with  It is by Caffeina alone that I set my mind in motion.By the Beans of Java,my thoughts acquire speed.The hands acquire the shakes,the shakes become a warning.It is by Caffeina alonethat I set my mind in motion… – Attributed to IsaacContinue reading “30 days of devotion: Caffeina and poetry”