Planting prayer for Poseidon

Gentle Ennosigaios, now we ask you to move the earth. Not with all the vast power which rages under roiling brows of Labrandeus, nor the tenacious focus of dashing Prosclystius, nor any of the many ways which Pelagaeus could bring to bear. Subtle Ennosigaios, now we ask you to move the earth. With the steadfastContinue reading “Planting prayer for Poseidon”

Ode to Poseidon

Power of a million steeds, charging like a wave is your authority O Supreme Poseidon, Holy King of the Sea and Ocean Depths. Wielder of the Royal Scepter, we call the Silver Trident, given to thee of Holy King by your deathless uncles called the Cyclops. Earth mover, creator of All Horses, Sovereign and MasterContinue reading “Ode to Poseidon”

Poseidon Psychopompos

King Poseidon, the endless seas and all beneath are your domain. Nurturing one, the cycle of life is in your hands with which you hold the Earth you protect. Watcher from the depths, keeper of the tides, you bear the secrets of the dark places. I sing to you, Poseidon Psychyopompos, who takes the sailorsContinue reading “Poseidon Psychopompos”

Poseidon Agoraios

I sing of the market I sing to the sea I sing for the traders who bring community. I celebrate Poseidon as he opens the way to this human innovation, to exchange commodities. With the markets come a burden, a price not paid today. May Poseidon trade in wisdom of how this greed to stay.Continue reading “Poseidon Agoraios”

Poseidon Mousêgetês

A song never sung goes to Poseidon Mousêgetês, for memory flees and with it, this name. Leader of Muses before they gave beauty voice, guardian of the soft heart that through poetry, weeps. When the brothers divided the sky from the land, and each took a portion, his own to command, dark Haides withdrew toContinue reading “Poseidon Mousêgetês”