Embracing orthopraxy

or·tho·prax·y    [awr-thuh-prak-see]  Show IPA noun 1. correctness or orthodoxy of action or practice. I encountered this word in the book Kharis: Hellenic Polytheism Explored, an excellent resource for Hellenismos.  The definition above uses its antonym, so let me give it a stab:  orthopraxy is the idea of following correct action, while orthodoxy focuses on correct belief. Home altar to Poseidon The ideaContinue reading “Embracing orthopraxy”

Prayers and responses

Some things I learn the hard way.  Okay, lots of things.  Take the power of barley, for example. A couple of days ago I went about happily blessing the old and new shrines and sacred spots in my yard.  I learned a new (to me, anyway) prayer for libations to the Greek gods, used with libationsContinue reading “Prayers and responses”

Doing some landscaping

Every year that I make the journey, I get inspired by the Lughnasad festival at Laurelin Retreat.  It’s hosted by the Laurelin Community on 56 acres of land owned by Reverend Kirk White (someone really needs to upload a new image for that page). This year I came home thinking about the various shrines and sacredContinue reading “Doing some landscaping”