My dead are calling

It’s been going on as long as I’ve been celebrating the Deipnon, at least, so that’s got to be four years or so, because part of my practice is to make an offering to my ancestors on that day.  What began as a simple-but-expensive libation (olive oil and Scotch) now includes offering an IRA contributionContinue reading “My dead are calling”

Stone soup

In his closing remarks at the Polytheist Leadership Conference Sannion compared it to that old tale of collaborative food. People contributing knowledge and wisdom and helping hands. The traditions represented were diverse but the conversations were largely about similarities rather than differences. Ancestors, how we honor them and how the influence us, figured prominently intoContinue reading “Stone soup”

Not a leader yet

I won’t be presenting a workshop at the Polytheist Leadership Conference.  While it thrilled me to no end when I asked asked to do so over coffee, I wasn’t able to pull it together by yesterday’s deadline.  (I’m also behind on assignments for a money class I’m taking, and generally exercising imperfect time-management skills regardingContinue reading “Not a leader yet”