When words matter

The article I wrote about Pagan copyright violations was complicated.  For one, the laws themselves are complicated.  For another, many people (Pagan and not) believe they understand those laws, when mostly all they understand is what other people have told them.  That can lead to people with good intentions violating laws or harming other people. Continue reading “When words matter”

New Kickstarter reward offered

To fund illustrations for my book Depth of Praise, I’m running a Kickstarter campaign.  Today, I’m offering an exclusive-and-unique new reward:  my very own art. This image, Sharpie marker on legal-sized printer paper, captures exactly why I am seeking funds to professionally illustrate this book.  You’ll receive this original work, mailed flat, for just $30Continue reading “New Kickstarter reward offered”

30 days of devotion: art that reminds me of Caffeina

Well if you want something visual, let’s take a look at some of the images from previous posts in this series: And some others I haven’t used:   On a deeper level, I think this says something about me, that the art the reminds me of Caffeina is art of Caffeina.  What it says is thatContinue reading “30 days of devotion: art that reminds me of Caffeina”