Honoring a hunter

Great goddess Artemis, mistress of all wild things, know that Peregrine is one of your own and receive him now into your care. Hear how this fierce hunter has made himself ready in your honor; of his adventures and deeds and kills more numerous than paws can count. Many a day Peregrine roamed his landsContinue reading “Honoring a hunter”

First Submission to the Public Polytheistic Shrine Project

Originally posted on Gangleri's Grove:
Today I received the first submission to the Public Polytheistic Shrine Project. ^__^ T.P. Ward sent me images of this shrine, made in thanks to Hermes, Artemis, and Poseidon. Thank you, T.P. This was created in a public park near his home. Folks, if you are interested in joining…

Acquainting with Artemis

I’ve become a bit of a deer hunter in recent year, if by “deer hunter” you mean “person who kills deer that leap in front of his vehicle.”  Or maybe my car has a thirst for Cervidae blood, and exudes pheromones that lure them in.  Although I have never been injured, it’s a painful experience,Continue reading “Acquainting with Artemis”