The broken goddess

There’s a tree in my yard, under which I started a moss garden when we first moved here a few years ago.  After I began practicing Hellenismos, I got the sense that this spot is sacred to Artemis, but other than an occasional libation, my tending did not change overmuch for quite some time.  ThisContinue reading “The broken goddess”

Prayers and responses

Some things I learn the hard way.  Okay, lots of things.  Take the power of barley, for example. A couple of days ago I went about happily blessing the old and new shrines and sacred spots in my yard.  I learned a new (to me, anyway) prayer for libations to the Greek gods, used with libationsContinue reading “Prayers and responses”

Doing some landscaping

Every year that I make the journey, I get inspired by the Lughnasad festival at Laurelin Retreat.  It’s hosted by the Laurelin Community on 56 acres of land owned by Reverend Kirk White (someone really needs to upload a new image for that page). This year I came home thinking about the various shrines and sacredContinue reading “Doing some landscaping”

Not knowing is the worst

Today marks a week since I’ve seen my cat . . . and five years since my father finished dying.  There are a lot of unknowns associated with loss and death, and they really speak to the human condition. Myrlyn was meant to be wild and free, that much I know.  His mishaps and maladiesContinue reading “Not knowing is the worst”