End of the line

It was fun, but now it’s done.  Over the course of Maimakterion I wrote 33 hymns to Poseidon, including all the epithets I know were used for him in antiquity, several that I’ve been assured were or should have been used no matter what the limited records say, and a couple that I’m almost certainContinue reading “End of the line”

Bathtub assignment: ancestor offering

Today I celebrated the Deipnon, like many of my co-religionists.  This is the day that I make offerings to Hekate, and to my ancestors.  And this morning, I was pleased to get one of those submerged personal gnoses which I like to call bathtub assignments, those glorious epiphanies that come when there isn’t anything inContinue reading “Bathtub assignment: ancestor offering”

Bathtub assignment: a new festival for Hermes

I’m sure there’s a reason I get ideas while sitting in the tub, unable to write them down.  Maybe it’s because if I were driving I might try to write them down, which surely wouldn’t end well.  This week I got the idea to celebrate the secular holiday season with a festival to one of myContinue reading “Bathtub assignment: a new festival for Hermes”