30 days of devotion: introducing Caffeina

Caffeina, goddess of vim and vigor, is not an ancient goddess.  Well, I have my doubts that she is, anyway, even though most of what I have read about her claims her to be a god of Rome.  What I do know is that she rules wakeful alertness, untamed energy, and a good deal ofContinue reading “30 days of devotion: introducing Caffeina”

30 days of devotion to Caffeina

I’ve decided to join a company of auspicious bloggers embracing deity over thirty days, with my devotion focused on Caffeina, the first goddess to whom I devoted a daily practice.  The challenge is to write up these posts over the next thirty days: A basic introduction of the deity How did you become first awareContinue reading “30 days of devotion to Caffeina”

Seasonal visuals

We are turning from barley to coffee. I continue to be amazed at how my practice of Hellenismos helps me be more rooted in more contemporary Pagan practices, such as the wheel of the year.  The equinox is a time that I honor the turn of the seasons by shifting my offerings to Caffeina. LetContinue reading “Seasonal visuals”

"Error Check System" spreads through Facebook

Thanks for helping me deal with this glitch! That was Selena Fox’s comment to me this morning after I warned her that she had gotten lured into a new phenomenon: a genuinely malicious Facebook application. I had already gotten several notifications that my friends “experienced errors” while viewing my profile, and inviting me to viewContinue reading “"Error Check System" spreads through Facebook”

Handfasting with Caffeina

I wrote an article about Caffeina last year, and she’s been on my mind (at least in the mornings) ever since.Because it’s something that we share, I thought it a reasonable suggestion that our handfasting include Caffeina, and my partner agreed.Here now is the ritual we used, not including the spontaneous bits. Opening The circleContinue reading “Handfasting with Caffeina”