Real money magic: volunteering

“I would never volunteer,” remarked the grandmother of a friend of mine. “Why give it away if you can get paid for it?” That’s the quintessential problem with money: once it’s introduced into a society, the temptation is to quantify everything. The insistence of that grandmother to have all her time be measured in dollarsContinue reading “Real money magic: volunteering”

It’s okay, Pagans, take that charitable tax deduction

I had someone tell me that e did not believe that writing off charitable giving on the ol’ tax return is a particularly moral thing to do.  The argument, as I understood it, is that it makes the donation less sincere if you’re going to get some of it back. I see things differently. MoneyContinue reading “It’s okay, Pagans, take that charitable tax deduction”

Fundraising frustration

I was thrilled to write yesterday’s story on how Pagans raise money using the cool tools available nowadays.  However, one possible fundraising branch continues to frustrate me, that of government employee giving programs. One of my several income streams derives from working within a state campaign, which gives me enough inside knowledge to write aboutContinue reading “Fundraising frustration”

Charitable deductions

My ongoing exploration of Pagans and money has found an intriguing void surrounding the question of charity.  Specifically, there appears to be a dearth of Pagan non-profits which aren’t organized as churches. Is there a Pagan way to let money go? This isn’t to say that Pagans aren’t charitable.  There is no question that someContinue reading “Charitable deductions”