Archery lesson

The week was nearly at a close.  Friends — Quakers, in the common parlance — had met in worship to conduct business as a body.  Despite simplicity being one of the testimonies which should be followed, business follows a process which can appear anything but to those unfamiliar.  Thus there are “whisper buddies” who explainContinue reading “Archery lesson”

Dear Poseidon

Dear Poseidon, I got your message today. You obviously asked Hermes to deliver it, because it arrived when I was driving. That he’s all about travel and pranks, as well as communication, makes giving me a message when I can’t so much as write it down make a lot of sense. I’m not so sureContinue reading “Dear Poseidon”

What role does mystery play in your tradition?

If I’m not mistaken, the idea of mysteries comes from Hellenic tradition, so there’s that.  Some percentage of Hellenic Pagans have embraced mysteries ever since, right up until the present day.  The question is about my tradition, and that’s the answer.  I haven’t personally been initiated into any Hellenic mysteries, but there is something itchingContinue reading “What role does mystery play in your tradition?”

What offerings do you make in your tradition and why?

Hellenismos has a lot of information about the offerings that were made to the various gods in antiquity, and that in itself is a good enough reason to continue making some of the same ones.  Frankincense is an old favorite, and I toss a bit of barley to one god or another every day.  GivingContinue reading “What offerings do you make in your tradition and why?”

What does it feel like when one receives inspiration from the divinities?

Like someone opened up my head and dropped something inside of it.  Like a light being turned on in a dark room that you didn’t realize was wired for electricity.  Like the feeling of seeing a jigsaw puzzle piece that fits. I also get ideas, lots of ideas, more ideas of my own than inspirationContinue reading “What does it feel like when one receives inspiration from the divinities?”