Poseidon and me: the early days

When I was enjoying Pagan tea with Sannion and Galina, the former asked me a question that got me thinking.  “Did you say you were devoted to Poseidon?” he asked, “because you talk a lot about Hermes.”  It’s a fair point, and one that speaks to my complex relationship with the sea god.  When IContinue reading “Poseidon and me: the early days”

Yes, no, maybe so?

So I find myself with a bit of a divination dilemma.  I’ve been dutifully practicing coin divination, and to make sure that I’m actually paying attention to meanings rather than assigning significance after the fact, I’m thus far being very careful to do so in a manner that I can test and verify.  Silly me,Continue reading “Yes, no, maybe so?”

Bathtub assignment: coin divination

A bathtub assignment is a task that pops into one’s head fully formed while one is in the tub, shower, walking a balance beam, speed skating, or otherwise unable to write it down.  Today I got a pretty complex one requiring me to do a lot of coin divination, all because I want to reviewContinue reading “Bathtub assignment: coin divination”