About Nepal . . .

Dear Poseidon, This whole Nepal thing has really been eating at me. I feel like I understand, and yet I don’t. These people, clinging to life on the sides of mountains, surely have enough challenges without the touch of Ennosigaios to wipe nearly everything they know from the face of the earth. But. Science makesContinue reading “About Nepal . . .”

Poseidon Ennosigaios

Poseidon Ennosigaios, shaker of the earth, hear my quiet voice. With frail throat and timid cries I praise you who lays all low. Let those who doubt your terrible power visit Sparta, Crete, Rhodes, or Athens. Let those who doubt your worldly might behold Haiti, Indonesia, Alaska, Tōhoku. The solid earth becomes the spittle ofContinue reading “Poseidon Ennosigaios”