Keeper of the door

Why is it that Poseidon is called Domatites, of the doorway? To what home does he seek entry? Surely he stands guard at the doorway of Hestia, first and foremost. It is her hearth at which the builder of walls desires to warm his bones, and it is her heart which he desires to shoreContinue reading “Keeper of the door”

The space between

The equinox is a liminal time, ideal for a liminal god.  Poseidon was given the portion which is neither above nor below.  He is Domatites, of the doorway which stands between here and there.  He is Epaktaios, of the coastline between realms of land and sea, both of which comprise his domain. I brought myContinue reading “The space between”


Today’s Kickstarter update was a musing on what an illustration of Poseidon Phytalmius might look like.  There are so many really excellent pictures drawn of Poseidon relating to the ocean, but not so many covering his earth-god aspects.  That’s really part of why I want to illustrate Depth of Praise, to visually call out hisContinue reading “Imagining”

Poseidon Epaktaios

Neither land nor sea does the coastline be; and the god who dwells within is swathed in mystery. Hail, Poseidon Epaktaios! Keeper of the coast, holder of the boundary ‘tween realms of life. What secrets are beheld where wet and dry now meld? What life therein resides, that can nowhere else abide? Let us walkContinue reading “Poseidon Epaktaios”