Economic Crisis is Entirely Complicated

AIG should follow through with its badly-negotiated contracts, and should do so without using one dime of the bailout money. The roots of our economic crisis are actually really, really complicated; we’ve learned to do things with money that are so dizzying that we really have no idea what’s going to happen next. It comesContinue reading “Economic Crisis is Entirely Complicated”

"Error Check System" spreads through Facebook

Thanks for helping me deal with this glitch! That was Selena Fox’s comment to me this morning after I warned her that she had gotten lured into a new phenomenon: a genuinely malicious Facebook application. I had already gotten several notifications that my friends “experienced errors” while viewing my profile, and inviting me to viewContinue reading “"Error Check System" spreads through Facebook”

Cats: Companions, Pets, or Free Beings?

My wife and I are wrestling with the roaming habits of our cats. Our two boy cats got out when the house was being painted last month, and since then have gotten better and better at finding ways to escape into the vacant land behind to our home. In front of our home is aContinue reading “Cats: Companions, Pets, or Free Beings?”