My personal practice: epithets

When I look back at how terrified I was to get things wrong as I attempted to honor the theoi, particularly around the use of ancient Greek, I’m amazed that I didn’t simply smile and decide that this path wasn’t for me.  I did before, when I was invited to join a group of peopleContinue reading “My personal practice: epithets”

Maya Angelou deserves better than this

I understand how the wrong quote ended up on the Maya Angelou postage stamp, I really do. Poetry isn’t my thing, I’ve never read her work, and I might have made the same mistake.  What I can’t comprehend is why doing right by this preeminent poet is so hard. One does not have to appreciateContinue reading “Maya Angelou deserves better than this”

Looking in the mirror

This past weekend was a good one to reboot my faith.  That’s a better word than “kickstart,” which suggests that it wasn’t moving at all.  “Reboot” describes a religious practice which was sluggish and slow, and is now running more smoothly. Some of the high points of spending a weekend with old friends and wiseContinue reading “Looking in the mirror”

Economic Crisis is Entirely Complicated

AIG should follow through with its badly-negotiated contracts, and should do so without using one dime of the bailout money. The roots of our economic crisis are actually really, really complicated; we’ve learned to do things with money that are so dizzying that we really have no idea what’s going to happen next. It comesContinue reading “Economic Crisis is Entirely Complicated”