Book review: Revealing the Green Man

Genre: Paganism Title: Revealing the Green Man Author: Mark Olly Overview: Thin enough to be readable, but scholarly enough to be a resource, Revealing the Green Man is a book I wish had been written thirty years ago. I’ve long held the Green Man in special regard, and this slender volume is Olly’s attempt toContinue reading “Book review: Revealing the Green Man”

“I’d rather Poseidon stay in the ocean.”

I visited a group dedicated to the Green Man to talk about Poseidon.  “Did you know that Poseidon has a Green Man aspect?” I asked, eager to share my enthusiasm for that theme.  I was devoted to the Green Man for many years, and was absolutely floored to discover that maybe I wasn’t worshiping anContinue reading ““I’d rather Poseidon stay in the ocean.””

Phytalmius photo op

I am no stranger to the Green Man.  Indeed, I wear his jacket, or would if I could remember to get the zipper fixed.  That’s why I was pretty excited to write about Poseidon Phytalmius, since I had no idea he had any meaningful link to green, growing things. Tumblr readers, you’re going to wantContinue reading “Phytalmius photo op”