Music review: Sing the Sun’s Return

It being “giving Tuesday,” I wish to give something back to the merry Heathens who have brightened the hours of darkness in my home by producing a glorious collection of Yuletide music, Sing the Sun’s Return. Because I participated in the Kickstarter last year, I got the associated Yule song book at the same time,Continue reading “Music review: Sing the Sun’s Return”

Let’s Disenchant the World! Part 1

This is a long read, but a calm and careful look at a part of the atheist-vs-polytheist debates which are again running rampant. And back to our regularly scheduled beatings. Because if if you believe in the Gods as discrete, individual beings, you’re a shithead who needs to top focusing on such stupid ideas. That’sContinue reading “Let’s Disenchant the World! Part 1”