And, not or

The title of this post is how Anomalous Thracian describes the relationship of the terms “Pagan” and “polytheist” in his life, a concept he reminded me of when I interviewed him about his latest project.  E is unusual insofar as e adopted the polytheist label first, while most of us who consider ourselves both usedContinue reading “And, not or”

Unboxing Ares

As I posted with great anticipation last week, in the mail yesterday I received my prize for winning the Aspis of Ares essay contest over the summer with Understanding Ares.  So today, it’s time for some unboxing.  The photos will literally unbox what I received, while I take some time unboxing my relationship with the godContinue reading “Unboxing Ares”

Consecrating a candle to Hestia

Hestia shrine If you keep a shrine to Hestia, chances are pretty good that you burn a candle there.  Yes, there are other sources of flame and light, and I’m sure some people use oil lamps and LED bulbs, among other things, but if you use a candle, sooner or later you’re going to needContinue reading “Consecrating a candle to Hestia”

Mysteries and modern Hellenismos

I’ve been learning more about the enduring mystery religions of ancient Greece, some of which lasted a thousand years or more.  These cults coexisted with the religion of the polis, as well as the household devotions each family practiced.  They were different from either one in that they required initiation; Hellenes didn’t otherwise see religion asContinue reading “Mysteries and modern Hellenismos”